Swift Codes for HSBC Bank USA NA

No. Swift Code City Zip Address Branch
1 MRMDUS33CLS New York, NY (Cls Department)
2 MRMDUS33SDI New York, NY (Funds Transfer Same day Inquiry)
3 MRMDUS33GCS New York, NY (Global Collections Sytem)
4 MRMDUS33HUB New York, NY (Hub Foreign Currency Operations)
5 MRMDUS33IPB New York, NY (International Private Banking)
6 MRMDUS33INV New York, NY (Investigations)
7 MRMDUS33LCR New York, NY 10018 Hsbc Tower, 452 Fifth Avenue (Letter of Credit)
8 MRMDUS33RTL New York, NY (Retail Foreign Exchange)
9 MRMDUS33COL New York, NY 10018 Hsbc Tower, 452 Fifth Avenue (Trade Services Collections)
10 MRMDUS33ISV New York, NY 10016-0200 10 East 40th Street
11 MRMDUS33 New York, NY 10018 452 Fifth Avenue
12 MRMDUS33IBF New York, NY
13 MRMDUS33LIQ Newark, DE (Loan Servicing)
14 MRMDUS33CCS Wilmington, DE (Hbus Clearance and Custody Services)
15 MRMDUS33IMP Wilmington, DE 10018 452 5Th Ave
16 HSDEUS33 Wilmington, DE 19801 Chase Manhattan Centre, Suite 1400, 300 Delaware Avenue,
17 JCSIUS33OLY New York, NY 10018 Hsbc Bank usa, 452 Fifth Ave (Otc Clearing)
18 JCSIUS33 New York, NY 10005 140 Broadway
19 JCSIUS33IMP New York, NY